Final Exam Notice

Final Exam Notice

DRS has extended hours for finals: Thursday, December 13 through
Wednesday, December 19, 2018
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

If you plan to take your exams at Disability Resources and Services (DRS), there are procedures you need to follow. It is important that you follow these procedures to ensure we are able to administer your final exam.

Setting Up the Exam with DRS

  1. The deadline for scheduling exams on the MyDRS site is seven (7) days before the exam date. Due to the large number of exams, we are not able to accept late submissions. Schedule your exams early! 
  2. All exams must be scheduled by going to MyDRS. For a brief video tutorial on how to schedule your exams go to schedule a test and go to slide 5. 
  3. Remind your faculty member that we need all exams delivered three days in advance
  4. Students using assistive technology and computers: It is extremely important that you tell us exactly what you require to complete your exam when scheduling on the MyDRS site. 
  5. If your exam requires any reference materials (i.e., note cards, formula sheets, calculators, etc.), your instructor must clearly note this when uploading your exam. We cannot allow you to use any materials for your exam, if the instructor has not indicated this information on the MyDRS site. Please check with your instructor to make sure that all information is accurate for your exam. 
  6. If you need to change the date/time of your exam, DRS must receive email/written approval from your instructor. 
  7. To avoid any problems on test day, feel free to call 215.204.1280 or email drstest to confirm that all special instructions and extra materials have been received from your instructor.

 On Exam Day

  1. Exams begin and end at the time scheduled. Report to the DRS office BEFORE your exam is scheduled to begin. No extra time will be given for tardiness so arrive on time! To confirm your test date and time go to MyDRS and click on My Schedule. 
  2. Please come to your exams prepared with appropriate items. DRS will NOT provide pens, pencils, rulers or calculators for your exams. 
  3. Only accommodations identified in your Accommodation Letter will be provided. 
  4. Jackets, hats, book bags, hand bags, purses, food, cell phones, electronic communication devices, MP3 players, etc. will not be allowed into any testing area (Unless indicated in your accommodation letter, ie, food because of a medical condition).

While these procedures should be familiar to you, we are sending this reminder because we want this process to be as smooth as possible for all individuals involved. We may not be able to administer exams for students who fail to follow our established procedures.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be proctoring exams in Kiva Auditorium located in Ritter Annex. Our intent is to place students in Kiva with considerable space between students. Dress appropriately as Kiva can be cold. We may not be able to provide any PRIVATE rooms during finals.

For further information or clarification, please call or email our Testing Services Coordinator, Sharon Douglass at 215-204-1280 or email