Alternate Format Materials

Students who have difficulty accessing books and printed materials may benefit from having such materials in an alternative format.

Registered DRS students may be eligible to receive alternate format if it is determined to be an appropriate accommodation after meeting with their Student Service Coordinator. 

Formats we can provide are:

  • Braille (braille file or embossed)
  • Audio (MP3 or Daisy)
  • Large Print (we cannot guarantee printed large print books)
  • Tactile Diagrams
  • Microsoft Word Files


Eligibility for alternate format as an accommodation will be determined by students’ individual Student Coordinator who will conduct an intake appointment. If alternate format is determined to be an appropriate accommodation, students will be referred to the Assistive Technology Coordinator to facilitate access to alternative format materials. 

All students who are eligible for alternate format will be required to set up an account at, which is a database of accessible books. The AT Coordinator will initiate this when meeting with students. If students have an existing account from another institution or high school, it can be incorporated into Temple’s network. Please contact the AT coordinator for additional information regarding an older Bookstore account. 

When requesting books, students are asked to please check to see if Bookshare has their book available. If the Bookshare file is inaccessible to them, they will proceed to the next step in the process. 

Book requests are processed using a google form. Students are asked to not complete the form unless you have alternate format as an accommodation. If students feel that alternate format would be helpful, they are encouraged to contact their Student Coordinator. 


Please be aware that due to COVID-19, there has been more of a delay than usual for processing book requests. Please get your book requests to us as soon as possible. 


If students have additional questions about alternate format or software used in tandem with alternate format materials, you can email the assistive technology team: