Assistive Technology

Assistive technology (AT) is any hardware, software, or piece of equipment that is commonly used to improve the functional capabilities of individuals with a disability.

Due to Temple's coursework being moved to an online format, we understand that there might be a greater need for assistive technology support. 

Supporting Students Remotely 

Temple University strives to offer assistive technology universally throughout its campuses. While we temporarily transition campuses to remote learning, we're providing this list of resources to smooth the transition. 

AT benefits anyone who:

  • Experiences difficulty in using a mouse or keyboard.
  • Struggles with language, auditory or visual processing.
  • Cannot access information online because of a disability
  • Deals with pain or discomfort when computing.
  • Encounters difficulty taking notes in class or completing written assignments
  • Has trouble managing attention deficit, or staying focused on work

Software & Apps Provided to Students

  • Read & Write: is a powerful text-to-speech program that is free to all temple students. It provides access to PDF and Word files. It provides study tools that allow students to extract highlighted passages for later use and vocabulary list builder. It also includes screen masking to make it easier to follow along visually. Download here.
  • Kurzweil 3000 & 1000: similar to Read & Write, it provides text-to-speech support with a variety of document types. The major difference is the robust writing tools option for visual learners. Kurzweil allows the user to create traditional outlines, brainstorms, and drafts where students can make use of a built-in thesaurus and dictionary. Contact for access to Kurzweil.
  • Glean: Record lectures, and take notes in one neat package! Glean supports in-class and distance learned by providing audio and visual feedback for note taking. The program tags where in the audio a note was taken, and a visual outline is generated. Click on the outline to move to that part of the recording to listen to important sections of the lecture. Contact for access to Glean.
  • Sonocent: Similar to Glean (they're created by the same company), but built more to support the use of PowerPoint presentation. Upload the PowerPoint lecture in advance of the class, and during recording the program will remember which slide was showing during audio sections. Tag important sections of lecture to review later. Contact for access to Sonocent.