AT Resources for Distance Learning

Zoom Web Conferencing Accessibility


Many of our classes are making use of Zoom. You can review the Zoom accessibility features on their website:


General Accessibility Information


  • Experience the accessibility options available on android phones and tablets. 
  • Chrome Books: Explore how to access the accessibility options on your chrome book.



Microsoft has been beefing up the native supports for users with accessibility needs. The following is a list of links relating to specific disability groups.



Apple has the most options when it comes to accessibility and it is difficult to compile their vast resource library. Your iPad, iPhone, and Mac have built in options for:

  • Hands free control: beyond the limits of siri, you can control your entire iPad, iPhone, or computer without the use of your hands
  • Visual: change the font size, display settings (including optimization for color blindness, contrast settings, and invert color mode that is more universal than dark mode offers), magnifier (which turns your iPad or iPhone into a handheld electronic magnifier), zoom (zooms in on your device), speech (text-to-speech), and VoiceOver.
  • Physical and Motor: Touch assist, attention assist, using switches to control your device, change the function of the lock button, control keyboard settings
  • Hearing: Connect to hearing devices, use TTY/RTT directly on your iPhone, audible cues to visual, and subtitle changes

For a complete overview of the above features check out Apple accessibility.



Tech Support


Apple & Microsoft both have specific tech support lines for users with disabilities working with any kind of adaptive or assistive technologies in tandem with their products.

Technical Support Numbers
Apple Disability Support 877-204-3930
Microsoft Disability Support 1-800-936-5900


If you have any questions, would like further training, or find you suddenly need to purchase any of the equipment of software listed here and need funding assistance, please reach out to Kit Aronoff,