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Who are the students who receive support from your gift?

Temple students with a disability who receive support from your investment are as diverse and academically successful as the Temple student body. They come from each and every school and college, undergraduate and graduate, traditional aged and adult students all with the common goal of getting an education and being successful in their chosen life journey.

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Below are some examples of the students who have excelled from your support

Note: First names are changed

James has such a positive and friendly attitude that he is easily one of the popular students on campus. Despite spinal muscular atrophy and limited physical mobility, he is highly active on Temple’s campus. He is an Honors student majoring in Finance with a GPA of 3.41. As well as being highly involved across the University, James is also Vice President of the Board of the US Business Leadership Network Student Advisory Council. He also undertook an internship with Congress in Washington, D.C. and had the opportunity to speak with the President of the United States about what needs to be done to better support graduates with a disability entering the workforce. James was awarded funds to assist him with transportation and accommodation costs associated with his internship.

Kevin is a Mechanical Engineering major with a 2.6 GPA that secured a prestigious internship in National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Virginia. He used this internship to assist him move toward his goal of becoming an aerospace engineer. His internship required him to move to Virginia. Although he knew it would be hard, not once did he shy away from the challenge. He says that “if I can be a successful student while living with sickle cell, then I can be successful in anything I want to do.” Kevin was awarded funds to assist him with accommodation costs associated with his internship in Virginia.

Thomas was considered ‘emotionally disturbed’ as a high school student and was told he had a poor likelihood for attending college. Nonetheless, he started at a community college on a part-time basis while working, and proved the skeptics wrong. Upon transferring to Temple, he became a dean’s list student and graduated with a 3.17 GPA. During his studies, he worked as a congressional intern in Washington, D.C. and looks forward to graduate school or law school. Thomas was awarded funds to assist him in paying for software to overcome the effects of his significant learning disability.

AJ was an adult student majoring in Psychology. Due to spinal cord injury, he uses a wheelchair and has limited use of his hands. This has not slowed his academic, sporting and professional achievements. He was selected by his professors to present his undergraduate research at a conference in Europe. He is the driving force behind the Magee Rehabilitation wheelchair rugby team, which offers many people with a significant physical disability the opportunity to play hard contact wheelchair sports while enhancing their rehabilitation. He is also a member of the USA wheelchair rugby team. Upon graduation with a 3.92 GPA, AJ founded his own non-profit organization to promote greater inclusion of people with a disability. AJ was awarded funds to assist him with his tuition expenses.

Madison aspires to be a communications executive for a large international company, and eventually open her own consulting firm. However, a diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma during her first year at Temple necessitated that she withdraw from the semester to focus on her health. Despite grueling treatment and emotional turmoil, she returned to school the next semester prepared to conquer her studies. An outstanding student, she has maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.75 and is determined to graduate on time. She is undertaking a summer internship with the US Army in Germany. Madison was awarded funds to assist her with tuition and internship expenses.

Henry has both hearing and vision loss. As an English major who hoped to one day become either a professional writer or professor, he sought the assistance of a tutor to help him understand what he missed during lectures as well as give him the one-on-one attention he needed, because of his sensory disabilities. He was also a commuter student and spent large amounts of money for paratransit. Henry graduated with a 3.5 GPA and began his career as a professional writer. Henry was awarded funds to assist him with transportation and tuition expenses.