This page only includes information for text-to-speech, please see Screen Readers for more information regarding speech technology for blind and visually impaired students.

Text-to-speech software offers support for anyone who has a print disability, but also provides extra support for students who struggle with focusing. Many of these apps will highlight as they read, allowing for both visual and auditory processing! Apps are sperated by free and paid options. 

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Free Apps


If you have an iPad & iPhone, or Mac you will have an accessibility option labeled “Speech” that will allow you to have your phone read any text out loud. 


Read & Write

(Mac & Windows)

This study program is FREE study tool and read-aloud for students! For more information check out Read & Write Resources

Download Instructions

  1. Go to download.temple.edu
  2. Log In with your AccessNet Username and password
  3. Look for “Read & Write Gold”
  4. Follow instructions
  5. Connect to your TU Email, or another google account
  6. Download the Read & Write extension for your browser. If it doesn’t appear automatically when you open the browser google “Read & Write for {chrome/firefox}”

Kurzweil 3000

(Windows Only, limited tablet support)

Like Read & Write, Kurzweil allows for more advanced tools for reading and writing. It allows for more options of note taking, using mind storms, outlining, drafting, dictionary support, etc.
This is free to students, but you must be invited by the AT Coordinator. If you feel that this could be of use please email our assistive technology coordinator, Kit Aronoff at: kit.aronoff@temple.edu

Voice Dream Suite

(Mac OS, iPhone & iPad, Apple Watch)

This company produces a suite of apps that provides support with reading, writing, scanning, and more. 

Download the Suite from the App Store

Voice Dream Reader

Is capable of reading a wide range of file types including PDF, Word, and Daisy. The app is also capable of connected with most cloud drives, including a native connection with BookShare.

Learn More About Voice Dream Reader

Download Voice Dream Reader from the App Store

Voice Dream Writer

Supports those who need to edit documents while using text-to-speech technology. It offers a clutter free work space for formatting, editing, and outlining. It allows the user to export, and connect to cloud sharing services. 

Learn More About Voice Dream Writer

Download Voice Dream Writer from the App Store

Voice Dream Scanner

Uses artificial intellegicence to create accessible documents. It prides itself on speed, accuracy, and allows for exporting documents in multiple file formats. 

Learn More about Voice Dream Scanner

Download Voice Dream Scanner from the App Store